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Project Overview – Pose Creator

While working on my Superman Project I had to create some flying poses using Unreal’s animation system.  Now that I’ve got the hang of the system it isn’t that tough to use but things like bringing all the fingers in to make a fist felt a lot clunkier than it needed to.  I thought that it might

Quick Project – Superman

Most of my recent projects have been open-ended and haven’t had that well-defined of a finish line.  For this project I kept the time I spent on it to a week of my free time, and I got a chance to make my very first third person game.  I went with a Superman theme and

Project Overview – DirectX12 Learning

Intro After working on the physics engine and using OpenGL at a high level I wanted to get my hands dirty with some deeper graphics programming.  I foolishly thought that it would be helpful to be ahead of the curve so I chose to use DirectX12.  This ended up hurting me with a lack of tutorials

Project Overview – Physics Engine

Intro Risk Europe had been a lot of fun to make but I didn’t get much of a chance to do some real game engineering.  Working on a Physics Engine in OpenGL would hit three major areas that I wanted to sharpen my skills in: C++, game physics, and graphics programming.  Looking back; however, I

Project Overview – Risk Europe

Intro Soon after graduating I had wrapped up Ragnarok and I wanted my next project to get in front of more people. I thought it would be valuable to get something out to more people and I thought the pressure of having it work for them would clean up my act a bit.  Another thing I

Project Overview – Ragnarok

Intro Ragnarok started as my senior design project (all engineers at Rice do one of these projects their senior year) in January.  At the time Unity was the only free game engine with a VR integration so I decided to try it out for the project.  I had prototyped a couple designs using a controller